Identify, project, and mitigate your greatest liabilities

Whether you’re underwriting health plan premiums, assessing potential member groups, or determining stop-loss levels, you need clarity that’s to find in today’s claims landscape. For that, there’s the AMS PREDICT platform: the premiere risk management solutions for health, stop-loss, and reinsurance underwriters.

Harness the power of PREDICT to proactively pinpoint the biggest cost-drivers in your market.
Get reference-based guidance for your risk models, premium designs, and plan recommendations.
Get financial and clinical insights to guide your risk mitigation strategies.

The AMS PREDICT Suite: Three powerhouse risk management tools

Together, they provide comprehensive, continually updated data on the biggest cost-drivers in today’s healthcare system – the data you need to make smart, risk-savvy decisions for your plans, premiums, and business.

Catastrophic diagnoses

Detailed clinical and financial data for diagnoses with the most cost-intensive standards of care.

Specialty drugs

The ultimate resource for comprehensive data on the market’s most costly therapies.

Implants & devices

The only industry’s only fully transparent pricing directory for these high-cost categories.

Draw on unrivaled data sources

processed charges
190 B
unique insurance networks
allowed over 515M claim lines
$ 90 B
states’ allowed and billed claims data
CPT codes
ICD 10 Codes

Look closer at the costliest prescriptions

specialty drugs analyzed
0 +
FDA-approved, off-label & horizon indications
distinct price benchmarks

Harness comprehensive device & implant data

implant categories
unique implants
actual price points
reporting facilities
reporting vendors
4700 +
purchased implant amounts
$ 15 B
> 0 %

Industry experts trust AMS

Every year, they use our technology to automate 9 out of 10 stop-loss and reinsurance premiums written in the US.

More AMS risk management solutions

A healthcare executive using his desktop computer to run the Profiler risk management solution from AMS

Profiler: Unrivaled predictive analytics

Strengthen mitigation strategies by identifying current and potential high-cost members, analyze their diagnoses, and projecting their specialty drug use.
  • 2,500+ drug use cases to benchmark future spend
  • 8 pages of detailed reporting per high-cost member
  • 0 integrations required
A group of insurance professionals using a tablet to run the CensusRater risk management solution from AMS

CensusRater: Small group underwriting

Help small groups transition from fully-insured to self-insured with a solution that closes the claims data gap between brokers and carriers.
  • 35MM members
  • 37MM claim lines
  • $3T billed amounts

Revolutionize risk management with AMS solutions.

Identify, assess, and mitigate more effectively than ever with AMS PREDICT technologies from the market leader in risk management.

An insurance professional using his tablet to view risk management insights from an AMS solution