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The Hospital Price Transparency Rule

Driving improved payment accuracy

Chargemaster Confusion

The hospital price transparency paradox

AMS 2019 Specialty Drug Trend Report

Payers lack critical payment intelligence

AMS 2018 Specialty Drug Report

Specialty drug approvals and prices continue to skyrocket

The Debris of Failure

Driving transformation with the right foundational approach and the right platform

Spinal Cord White Paper

Rising utilization and costs of spinal cord stimulators

The Big Screw

How manufacturers, insurers, providers, PBMs, and government are keeping us in the dark


$200M; $18 PE/PM: Why you should rethink your auto-adjudication strategy

Insys update

Falsified medical records and misleading insurance companies helped contribute to the opioid crisis

Liquid biopsies

Biotherapeutics have dominated healthcare headlines recently, with good reason

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Predict Dx

How a nationally recognized broker leveraged Predict Dx for underwriting support

Predict Dx: HMIG

How Predict Dx helped a major insurance group enhance case managers’ productivity

Predict Dx: MGU

How a mid-sized MGU used Predict Dx to expand on their limited data to accurately assess upcoming costs

Predict Dx: MGU

A Vice President explains how he leverages Predict Dx to effectively manage his business

Predict Rx: TPA

How our TPA customer spots inappropriate drug use by using Predict Rx during PA pharmacy reviews

Predict Rx: MGU

How our MGU customer leverages Predict Rx to increase the accuracy of their risk assessments

Predict Ix

How a leading Third Party Administrator used Predict Ix to identify potential savings in a spinal fusion case